I’m sorry

Lost 2x09 What Kate Did

I would love to pretend I don’t diet, but I work very hard. I stay active and eat very healthy. Anybody who says otherwise is either unhealthy or lying! I will admit that I’m addicted to sugar - licorice, Jujubees and jelly candies. And I actually love bran muffins!

Lost re-watch | 5x16/17 | The Incident

get to know me meme: favorite ships → jack shephard + kate austen
"I asked you not to come back here for me. And I wish… I wish that you hadn’t. But I will come back here for you.”


get to know me meme: [1/5] relationships → Jack and Kate 

"Kate, if we’re going to be safe, if we’re going to protect the people that we left behind, tomorrow morning I’m going to have to convince everyone to lie. If it’s just me they’re never going to go for it. So I’m going to turn to you first. Are you with me?"

"I have always been with you." 

Lost re-watch | 5x11 | Whatever Happened, Happened